Saturday, 2 March 2013

Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus - Bloom (TRANS082)

The grand return of the krautrock, and other similar musical pharmaceuticals, have yet again entrenched itself in many peoples ears. It is music with a retrospective way of thinking that takes its listeners on adventurous excursions deep into ones mind. Music that aim to broaden your horizons and consciousness. JI&TRM will make an impact on you in the same way with their second album Bloom; an innovative and highly personal take on the psychedelic rock and the very use of its many components and elements. As the indicating seriousness of the first line of the opening track reveals; "It's not a joke this time. I'm leaving reality for sure". The band's musical references are more in a multi-colored fashion compared to it's predecessor Elefanta and has really taken the songs straight through the prism. Because what we hear, among a number of things, is a massive use of sweeping passages of dripping wet guitars that shake and tremble well into the morning, song dressed in an oceanic reverb that pours through the panting rock and roll, melodies that move in cycles and works that have a run time of more than nine minutes. The powerful debut of the organ can also be seen as a direct result of this change in influences, and the musical guest behind it, the gifted Patrik Kolar, whose masterful and accurate playing adds even further dimensions to an already well nuanced repertoire.

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